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Accelerate your business with revolutionary nonwoven composites.

Only Endeavor Composites can deliver homogenous, isotropic, multifunctional preforms using low cost, zero-waste, high performance long fiber nonwovens.

Serious solutions for every industry

Across industries, the need for advanced composites has never been more clear. We’re developing nonwovens with broad applications.



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Sports and Leisure


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Aerospace and Defense


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Nonwoven composites

You know the advantage of using nonwovens. We’ll work with your design specifications to develop a final product that matches your rigorous requirements – and we can process fibers up to 5200 aspect ratio (fiber dependent).

We cater to fiber manufacturers and recyclers to obtain high-quality, unused remnants to create new products that cater to the advanced composites industry.

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Your Specs. Delivered.

We thrive on challenges. 

Mix and match

Carbon fiber is just the beginning. Virtually any dispersible fiber can be transformed into a nonwoven fabric to create a composite material that meets a variety of design and manufacturing needs.

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Natural fiber composites.
Sustainable Solutions.

Many applications require the use of organic materials like hemp and banana fibers. Endeavor Composites works with engineering, procurement, and design teams to create the best solutions for diverse use cases. Creating zero-waste, nonwoven composites like these help us all build a more sustainable future.

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Composite prototyping

Let’s open up more possibilities. Now OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Design Engineers and Product Development Managers have a partner that can lead experimentation and deliver adaptable composite solutions.

  • Professional engineering solutions
  • Small volume composites parts production
  • Cost efficient manufacturing
  • ASTM/ISO testing and reporting
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Composite Manufacturing

We bring science and application together for your industrial business needs. Get access to world-class expertise for your next project.

  • Leverage Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) connections for advanced engineering insights

  • Expert scientific advice in experiment design

  • Optimized product research and development (R&D) in carbon fiber composites

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