What we do

Nonwoven Processing

Composite Prototyping

Composite Prototyping

Optimized nonwoven Carbon Fiber

  • Design specific
  • Process to order 
  • Cater for fiber manufacturers 
  • Cater for fiber recyclers 

Composite Prototyping

Composite Prototyping

Composite Prototyping

Composite part

  • Professional engineering solutions
  • Small volume composites parts production
  • Cost efficient manufacturing
  • ASTM/ISO testing and reporting


Composite Prototyping



  • Leverage ORNL connections for providing engineering insights
  • Expert advise in design of experiment 
  • Optimizing product R&D in carbon fiber composites

Our Story

Zero waste circular economy


  • Endeavor Composites, Inc.is committed to a cleaner world by providing a zero waste solution for fiber and composite manufacturers.
  • Our nonwoven technology can transform any fiber trims, short spools, early production fibers and recycled fibers into a new product to cater the advanced composites industry. 
  • These nonwoven fabrics are guarantee to be defect free, high tolerance density consistency and tailored to specific customer needs.

Core Technology

  • Production of defect free fully isotropic non-woven reinforcing carbon fiber mats using long fibers (1 to 1.5 inches) at low cost and high speed of production.
  • These mats offer a zero-waste solution for advanced composites production in the automotive, marine, aerospace, sporting and industrial sectors.

Driven by innovation

  • Our capabilities extend beyond nonwoven fabric, into fabrication of composites prototype designs & production.
  • Implementing innovation in our decision with steady view toward tomorrow.
  • Engage in R&D projects to explore the true potential of your product.

Who we are

  • Endeavor Composites, Inc., a small business in Knoxville TN, is founded upon the spirit of innovation brought by Manufacturing USA and its institutes, especially IACMI-the Composites Institute. 
  • Enabled by the Innovation Crossroads grant from the Advance Manufacturing Office (AMO) of the Department of Energy (DOE) of the USA

$400K Award from Oak Ridge National Lab

Innovation Crossroads + entrepreneur

 Note from the CEO:
"In June 2019, we received the highly prestigious Innovation Crossroads award, funded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) through the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). This award provides expertise from the world's leaders in carbon fiber composites, unrivaled access to premier business development resources and state of the art facilities, such as the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility and numerous DOE user facilities. With their assistance, we are going to enter the market quickly and with a superior product to maximize our customer's return on investment beyond anything seen in the manufacturing industry today."

Hicham Ghossein, Ph.D.,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Exciting News

JEC world Pitch Competition

Check our Pitch on March 3rd

Check our Pitch on March 3rd

JEC + Conference

Endeavor Composite, Inc. is a proud top 20 finalist in the JEC world pitch competition in Paris, France.

The JEC world show is happening from May 12th to 14th 2020 

Check our Pitch on March 3rd

Check our Pitch on March 3rd

Check our Pitch on March 3rd


We are scheduled to present our pitch in the startup booster at JEC world 2020 on May 12th at 12:50 PM  Paris time. 

The pitch competition is located on the Agora stage Hall 5.

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