Composites without Compromise.

New horizons for nonwoven composites

Shaping the Future

We’re pioneering high performance, low cost, and zero-waste composites to solve your most difficult manufacturing problems.

Challenging paradigms

Nonwoven carbon fiber technology really can be produced affordably and fast.

Manufacturing optimization and performance

Our high-tolerance fabric products don’t have to rely on binders; they’re stronger, defect-free, and can be applied across industries.

Reducing costs; generating revenue

Maximize ROI by using nonwoven carbon fiber fabrics or alternative fabrics where it used to be cost-prohibitive.

Virtually zero-waste

On a good day, 30% of production goes straight to the landfill. Annually, our technology can monetize over $1 billion worth of fibers that are currently wasted.

Enabling innovation + building new markets

Carbon fiber is just the beginning. We’re empowering customers through pioneering R&D with a relentless focus on application.

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Nonwoven Composites for Manufacturing Optimization and Performance.

Deep science drives our process to deliver defect-free composites for applications across Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation, Marine, and Sports and Leisure sectors.

This is where the future of composites crosses paths with the present.

Investment Opportunities with Endeavor Composites

Who says you can’t reduce carbon impact while making a better product at a profit? We’re creating new market opportunities and driving innovation for circular economies.

Deep science. Innovative applications. passion for innovation.

Learn more about the Endeavor Composites team, mission, and values.

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