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Why Endeavor Composites

Learn more about our mission and your opportunities to change the way the world uses advanced composites.

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We’re building a strong track record of success.

Here Are A Few Highlights:

  • Sustainability
  • High production with enhanced margins
  • Quick path to probability
  • Diverse portfolio
  • Heavy traction from the industry

Hardtech Investors are Positioned to Advance Composites Across Verticals

Endeavor Composites is revolutionizing advanced composites, enabling new markets, all  with proprietary tech. Venture Capital firms, Angel Investors, and Private Equity Investors can gain access to a significant opportunity to evolve the composites industry through innovative nonwoven applications.

Venture Capital

Angel Investors

Private Equity

Environmental Investors:
Join the cause

Identifying sustainable solutions, circular economies, and less carbon impact can all be challenges for any environmentally-conscious investor – sounds like a perfect match for Endeavor’s mission to create a zero-waste advanced composites solution.




Strategic partners make a world of difference

Endeavor Composites is enabled by the highly prestigious Innovation Crossroads award, funded by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) through the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO).

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